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Glenn Cronkhite TSG Slim Tenor Trombone Case

$294.00 $352.00

Item Details

This is a lightweight and compact soft case for straight Bb tenor trombone made by Torpedo Bags in Minneapolis, MN.  This case features plush interior, firm foam padding, wooden reinforcements, tough Cordura fabric or leather outer, leather trim, steel hardware, double backpack straps.  Includes padded accessory pouch.

Fits most any Bb tenor trombone with bell up to 8". 

Fit Examples

  • Bach: 6, 8, 12, 16 (not 36)
  • Conn: 2H-6H
  • Getzen: 1050, 3508
  • Kanstul: 750, 1550, 1602, 1606
  • King: 2B, 2BPL, 3B, 3BPL, 2102, 2103, 606
  • K&H: BVL, BVL 512
  • Shires: Artist Small Bore, MD, MD+
  • XO: LT1632, LT1634
  • Yamaha: 354, 691, 891Z, 897Z

 Very light case, about 5 lbs., size is about 10x10x38".

Choice of colors, made to order in 12 weeks.  Shown in dark brown leather.

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