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Glenn Cronkhite DBS Small Double Trombone Case

$408.00 $488.00

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The Cronkhite DBS  is a very lightweight leather or Cordura nylon soft case with wood reinforcements and firm foam for tenor and alto trombone, even two tenor trombones if you are careful.  Made in Minneapolis, MN, USA.  Choose from available colors in the drop-down menu.

This is a very lightweight case, about 6 pounds.  Size is 10x10x38".  If the leather is in your budget, it makes the case much stiffer, though it adds weight.  The Cordura nylon case is a bit more flexible if you're overfilling the case with your horns, which is what we do.

I/Steve like the rounded edges and soft fabric of the Cronkhite when carrying.  It's more comfortable on my back than a rigid case with its square edges.  I've owned my DBS case for 20 years and it's still firm and protective and beautiful and incredibly useful.  I've had no damage to my instruments except one small bell ding.  It was my fault as I too vigorously pushed the end of the case to fit it into a full car.

Both ends have wooden disks for bell protection.  The hand slides fit diagonally across the middle and have a wood stiffening board in the slide sleeve.  Two Velcro straps secure the hand slides.

Though designed to fit a tenor trombone with F-attachment and an Eb alto trombone, the case fits several different combinations if you're careful.  Maximum recommended bell size is 9"/8", but I've fit 9.5"/8.5" without problems.  A small Bb tenor trombone may fit as well as an alto.  A compact wrap bass trombone may fit as well, vintage Conn 62H/70H, etc.

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