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Miraphone Custom 495 Hagen 4/4 4V Rotary BBb Tuba with Trigger


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We have this new 495 4-valve rotary BBb tuba from Miraphone, which is quite the behemoth.  An all new design, the new Hagen series includes several similar BBb tubas of differing sizes.  The 495 is the 4/4 version, suitable for most of us.  Rather than settling for the stock model, here you get the option of loose first slide with cord stop and second slide trigger for the left hand.  You can tune most any note like the old school guys do.

If the Miraphone 186/187 are too old school and the 191 are too big, this is your baby.  It's about the size of a GR51.  Big but not moose-big.

We had this 495 standing next to a Miraphone 187 BBb for a short while, and I'm mostly convinced that the 495 is the 187 bell and bottom bow, but with a new top bow to eliminate the looped-tuning slide.

Says Miraphone...

The Hagen 495 4/4-size boasts a large volume of sound. The ergonomic proportioning of this tuba is ideal for smaller symphony orchestras, ensembles, chamber music settings as well as for school bands.
The 495 produces a fuller low range and clearer sound in comparison to the tubas 186 or 187.

Includes Miraphone TU29 mouthpiece and maintenance kit.  Sold a la carte or with Miraphone gig bag.  This fits in the same gig bag as the 186/187/188/289 tubas.  Last photo is 186 vs 495.

  • model ”Hagen 495“
  • bell diameter 450 mm (17,717 inch)
  • 443 Hz
  • 4/4
  • with lyre holder
  • with strap ring
  • 4 rotary valves
  • bore of valve section 19,6 mm (0,772 inch)
  • spiral spring system
  • loose first slide with cord stop
  • second slide trigger for left hand
  • material of mouthpipe gold brass
  • mouthpiece TU29
  • lacquered
  • optional gig bag

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