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Miraphone 283 Norwegian Star Eb Tuba

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As endorsed by soloist Oystein Baadsvik, Miraphone Eb tubas are simply top of the guild.  These are a completely different design and different tooling than the Miraphone F tubas. 

The model 383 is the compact solo-model Eb as played by Prof. Baadsvik.  It has a rich soloistic sound reminiscent of a classic F tuba.

The model 283 is the larger ensemble-model Eb tuba.  It has a clarity of tone and a big broad sound.  The 283 has been the most popular choice here.

Why Eb?

A BBb tuba is about 18 feet long.  When you try to do the same things with a 12 foot tuba in F, there are compromises.  Valve blocks, slide sleeves, leadpipes, are all the same length no matter if the tuba is 12 or 18 feet.  This is why we have temperamental rotary F tubas.  Turns out if you stretch the open bugle to 14 feet and make it an Eb, problems go away.  The low range becomes satisfying rather than antagonistic.

The Eb can be your all around tuba for solos and also ensemble, with a nimble feel but large enough sound to do it all.  Eb fingerlings lie well in band keys, and relate well to BBb tuba, Bb euphonium, and trombone sensibilities. 

Who plays Eb locally: Bill Roper, Les Benedict, Bill Reichenbach, Juliane Gralle, Jeff Reynolds (ret.), Forrest Byram, David Bargeron, and many others...

(Also anyone who drives on the left.)


 Model 283B "Norwegian Star"
    bell diameter 400 mm (15,748 inch)
    without lyra holder
    without strap ring
    5 rotary valves
    bore of valve section conical 19,6 - 21,2 mm (0,772 - 0,835 inch)
    spiral spring system
    material of mouthpipe gold brass
    mouthpiece TU17

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