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Jurgen Voigt J-711 Eb Alto Trombone with "Fire Metal" Bell


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The Jurgen Voigt alto (Your Gehn Foagt) is a beautiful Kruspe-style vintage alto design going back nearly a century. It is handmade in a small custom shop in Markneukirchen, Germany. This horn is made from a beautiful copper-toned red brass that Herr Voigt calls "fire metal". Available in several bore sizes and colors of metal, our favorite model is the J-711 and features an 11.47 mm (.452") bore nickel slide and nickel trim. Bell diameter is 160 mm (6.3"). This is one of the few instruments still offered with decorative snakes, a German tradition. One of the most remarkable altos we have come across is a 1930's German Kruspe model, now owned by the Boston Symphony. The Kruspe is the horn upon which the Thein Jay Friedman model alto is based. This Voigt plays just like those two, and is worth a close look. This horn can be had with an optional Bb attachment in the tuning slide that is removable. This option adds about $1000 to the price. A Sterling silver bell is also an option, though this fire metal version is our favorite both for playing and aesthetics. We also like the lighter, more compact sound, with a surprising warmth from the copper-ish bell. Its sound can be very hot when you push the volume, and it has a soloistic presence that most larger altos lack. This type of instrument should be more widely used. It's a work of art from a renown builder. Sold with Maji hard case.

The pictured instrument is in stock.  Fire metal bell, gold brass crook, nickel kranz, small bore nickel hand slide, decorative snakes, adjustable thumb rest, Magi case, Klier mouthpiece, lacquer finish.


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