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John Packer UK 039 Bb Soprano Trombone


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The JP039 Bb soprano trombone is well engineered and lightweight.

Owing to its small size, this versatile instrument is sometimes used as an introduction to playing the trombone as it can be held by those with small hands. The JP039 also has found a well deserved place in many trombone quartets providing players with an affordable yet high performing soprano trombone. Its affordable price also enables players to own a secondary instrument that usually they wouldn't be able to justify. Holding some novelty value for trumpet players, the JP039's trumpet slide enables players to perform glissandos in jazz solos and the circus.

  • Slide action: very good "A"
  • Tuning: at connector
  • Receiver: trumpet
  • Mouthpiece: 5C - this is quite a cornet-style mouthpiece.  It's pretty good, start here
  • Case: lightweight, with backpack straps

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