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The Buzzing Book by James Thompson, pub. Bim


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Composed in 2001 for trumpet and and other brass instruments
Level: easy to advanced
Ref. # TP216

James Thompson was born in 1949 in Frankfurt, Germany.  Since 1998 he has been Professor of trumpet at the Eastman School of Music and is considered one of today's grand masters of trumpet pedagogy.

Accompaniments available in MP3 format in Bb and C on free downloads at www.editions-bim.com

"Buzzing on the mouthpiece has many benefits if done with a systematic and observant approach. Because the mouthpiece offers less resistance than does the instrument, buzzing helps accustom the player to using more air. This greater airflow helps let the lips relax and vibrate more freely, producing a more resonant sound. It also makes the player more reliant on his ear to place pitches, just as a singer does. Further, it aids in developing the most efficient and consistent mouthpiece placement. Finally, perhaps most importantly, mouthpiece buzzing allows the player to develop new and more refined aural/physical habits more easily."
     --  James Thompson

For more information and FAQs regarding this book, please visit the author's website at http://www.jamesthompsonmusic.com/TheBuzzingBook.php.

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