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Superslick Vinyl Trombone Snake


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This is a double ended flexible brush for cleaning trombones, trumpets, and other brass instruments.  We also offer a larger baritone & tuba cleaning brush for uber-size horns.

The soft vinyl plastic and flexible brushes will not scratch or damage your instrument.  The brush can be used to clean anywhere inside a trombone.  The snake's most common use is to clean the end crook of the outside slide, and to clean the inside slide tubes.  You can also clean the outside slide tubes with it, but many players prefer a cleaning rod for that duty.

When a trombone slide needs cleaning at the office, I'll do it like this:

Carefully position the mouthpiece receiver of your assembled slide under a a faucet, then carefully fill the slide with water until it flows out the connector end.  Holding the slide over a sink or bucket with the open ends upright, unlock and slush the outer slide in and out to work the water through both sections.  Some water will spill out, so have a spare towel ready.  While the slide is still mostly full of water, slide the cleaning snake inside the mouthpiece receiver and scrub down as far as you can go, hopefully around the end crook.  Remove the snake, then insert the snake into the other connector opening and do the same thing.  Rinse a few times and you're ready to go.  Wipe off the chrome inside tubes, clean out the outside tubes with a cleaning rod, then re-lube and make music.

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