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Superslick Key & Rotor Oil


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I didn't visit many music stores in college, but none I did visit carried this excellent Superslick Professional Key & Rotor Oil.  Nor had they heard of it.  One salesman at an otherwise fine establishment insisted on selling me swill masquerading as a lubricant.  I think it was by Holton, but not again.  It made my rotor scratchy.  If you know what I mean.  (And I think you do.)

In those days, a player could only buy Superslick Oil at Minick's.  Larry Minick was a master horn builder and genius and old crusty guy before his time.  His shop was in West Los Angeles, some distance by bicycle from my house.  I didn't have a reason to go there often.  I didn't need many repairs, and new instruments were not in the budget. I wish I had taken advantage of his proximity though.  Larry should have been my first call when seeking a mouthpiece or a used horn.

It's nice to remember him as I type this.  If you have interesting genius people somewhere in your life, do make an excuse to visit.  Support what they're doing.  We're only here today.


When I opened this business to sell Cronkhite cases, Superslick was my next call.  "I need that Oil," I said.

We've always carried Superslick Professional Key & Rotor Oil at The Horn Guys because every brass player should have a bottle on their person.  Superslick is absolutely the best.  It has numerous uses, including: 

  • rotary valve bearings
  • pivot bridges
  • ball and socket linkages
  • miniballs
  • movable first and third slides
  • noisy valve guides
  • trigger systems
  • leadpipe threads
  • hand slide locking systems
  • water keys
  • third slide stops
  • valve cap threads
  • modular horn connector threads
  • anything that's loose or rattly or noisy and bugs you
  • clarinets

Do choose a thin lubricant to apply _inside_ your instrument's valve casings.  Superslick Oil is not designed for use as a daily piston and rotor oil.  We offer other choices of normal boring valve oil that will do that job.  You probably have a favorite already.

"Use Superslick Oil for everything _external_."

Superslick Professional Key & Rotor Oil is sold in a refillable 1/2 ounce plastic bottle with needle applicator.  The bottle is protected inside a clear plastic tube with a removable end.  It's brilliant.  The bottle will never wreak havoc in your mute bag because it's safely riding inside the tube.  Someday if you're finished with the refillable bottle, the tube is still useful for other things.  And it's plastic, which should last until the sun goes supernova, right?  Also Superslick Oil is made in USA.  How nice!

There is a little warning printed on the bottle ...maybe this contains something something, harmful if swallowed, something, something...  Not to worry.  The producer of The Oil told me, "It won't harm you at all, but the warning is required for this class of products.  Non-hazardous components," he said.  Older viewers know The Oil as a golden brown fluid.  Look!  It's cleaner now.  It's clear fluid.

The little bottle should last a long time.  Apply it sparingly.  The diligent player needs only a few bottles of Superslick Professional Key & Rotor Oil in his lifetime.


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