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SKB 385W Medium Tuba Case

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Limited to stock on hand.  We have 3.

This SKB 385W is a medium size tuba hard case designed to fit tubas about 35" (89cm) in length.  It's primarily designed for the King and Kanstul 4/4 tubas.  Other instruments that fit well are the Meinl Weston HoJo and 2250, Gronitz PF125 and Miraphone 282.  We believe most Besson style Eb tubas will fit perfectly.  Other instruments that can fit are the Miraphone 191, 1291, 1292, 1293, and 291.  These five Miraphones will need the inside of the case modified to fit.  We cut about 1-1/2" of foam out of the bottom bow end, and we scoop out a section in the top of the case near the tuning slide.  It's not too difficult.  The foam must be cut and cloth reglued, and even then it's a tight fit until everyone gets acquainted.  With a knife, some velour fabric, spray adhesive and ingenuity, a universal fit tuba case can tailored to fit your horn perfectly.

Tell us which tuba you would like to carry in this case, and we may be able to customize the case for you if we know that instrument.  This service is done free of charge.

One player bought a Miraphone 1281 Petruschka F tuba here, placed the tuba in a Cronkhite soft case, then fit the tuba and soft case inside this SKB 385W case.  It was a perfect fit.  He got lots of extra padding to protect the tuba, and when he arrives at his destination, he can use a lightweight soft case to carry the tuba around town.  If you seek a hard case only for your Peruschka tuba, the small MTS 1205V case is a tight but worthy fit.

The SKB case features molded ABS construction,wheels and dual replaceable, handles, external ribbing and reinforcement, and replaceable TSA latches.

SKB reminds tuba players that this is a lightweight case, and may not be strong enough for all air travel and baggage handler situations.  It's not a Walt Johnson or an Accord case.  That being said, it's a fraction of the price, and given some care during packing, your tuba should make it to most any location unscathed. 

When packing a tuba for shipping or rough travel, you want to avoid any movement of the instrument inside the case.  And, you want to prevent the fragile bell flare from having to support the tuba in case of impact.  We've had excellent results by taking these steps:

  • Take a beer or three to your local carpet store and ask to have a cardboard carpet roll tube.  Give the beer to your helpful carpet store employee.
  • Once you've returned home, find your tuba and place a 1'x2' piece of bubble wrap down the bell, all the way down as far as you can reach.  Use a 2'x2' piece if your horn is 5/4 size or larger.
  • Place the tuba inside the case and insert the cardboard tube down the bell as far as it will go into the bubble wrap.
  • Cut the tube with a knife to it's about an inch too long to wedge inside the case end, centered within the tuba's bell flare.  Then wedge it in there tightly anyway, which will push the bell flare away from the edge of the case.
  • Place more bubble wrap around the tube to keep it centered inside the bell.
  • Add other padding as necessary to ensue a tight fit when the case is closed.


Congratulations!  Your tuba is now held tightly inside the case by the bell throat and bottom bow.  t should no longer be possible for the bell flare to impact the large end of the inside of the case, even if the case is placed down harshly. 


Info from SKB

The SKB tuba case was designed for players who are looking for greater protection for their delicate musical instrument. Constructed of ABS vacuum-formed material to offer greater strength the 385W Tuba Case accommodates large framed tubas from leading manufacturers such as Miraphone, Yamaha and Conn.

The SKB-385W includes in-line skate wheels for easy transport, molded-in bumpers for valence protection and SKB-patented TSA trigger release latching system. The molded interior holds the instrument securely during transport.

  • ABS Vacuum formed material for strength and lightweight protection
  • Plush lined EPS interior holds the instrument securely
  • Includes in-line wheels for easy transport
  • Injection molded fiberglass reinforced trigger release latches
  • TSA locks for added security
  • Molded-in bumper protection
  • Accommodates large framed tubas from leading manufacturers
Interior Length
35.00 in
89.00 cm
Interior Width
18.50 in
47.00 cm
Interior Depth
21.00 in
53.34 cm
Product Weight
30.60 lb
13.88 kg

A-C = 21"
C-E = 35.5"
B-B = 18.5"
F-F = 17.25"

Tuba Measurements
Tuba Measurements


Lifetime Warranty

SKB brand hard shell cases are fully warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the case to the original owner. That means, if your case breaks, SKB will supply replacement parts, repair the case, or replace your case for as long as you own it. Proof of Purchase is required for all warranty claims. Electronic components in SKB brand hard shell pedal board systems are warranted for five years from date of purchase. Soft cases and gig bags are warranted for one year from date of purchase. SKB is not responsible for the shipping cost to our facility. However, SKB will cover all of the costs of repairs and/or replacements, as well as the return shipping. To request a return authorization for a warranty claim or field replaceable parts, please contact our customer service department through our online Support Request form. SKB hard shell cases are warranted for life to the original owner only. Cases used rental purposes, used by institutions or schools, modified or used cases are not covered by this warranty.

How do I request replacement parts?
Original owners of SKB brand hard shell cases may order replacement parts online at no cost and with free shipping. To request field replaceable parts please visit the SKB Store for instructions. You will receive a discount code for use at the SKB Store equal to the online price of the replacement parts you need.

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