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Protec IP301D IPAC Double Trumpet Case

$171.00 $234.00

Item Details

This is the iPac model double trumpet case made by Protec.  It's available in two versions.  The first is the basic case with handles and included shoulder strap.  It's light enough to sling over your should and run where you need.  A backpack strap kit is available separately.

The second version adds a collapsible handle and wheels, so you can roll your way through most situations.  These additions do add weight, so if (or when) you need to carry the case, it will be heavier.

Made in the style of the Marcus Bonna cases, this Protec has modular foam blocks to customize the interior to your needs.  Both piston and rotary trumpets fit well, and one side can be used for mute storage when you only require a single trumpet for your day's work.

Protec's iPac cases feature modular walls and fit blocks that can be endlessly reconfigured to accommodate your ideal mix of instruments and accessories in one portable and protective unit.  Features a water resistant sport nylon exterior, roomy exterior pocket with organizer, and padded shoulder strap.


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