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Profundo - Roger Bobo, Cherry Classics (DVD)


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Finally, Maestro Bobo's magnificent DVD masterclass is again available with handsome new packaging. Produced in Japan, it contains some of the finest musical advice and insight for musicians, students of brass and tubists.

Some of the works performed include: Strauss - Concerto #1, Stevens - Variations in Olden Style, Koetsier - Concertino, Madsen - Sonata & Schumann - Adagio & Allegro.

Below are some words from Roger Bobo of his thoughts in producing a DVD masterclass. This will be some of the most valuable 2 1/2 hours spent in front of a screen.

"Throughout my student and professional days I have been inspired and motivated by watching many masterclasses (usually on television) presented by many of the great musicians of our time. It was many years ago that I first got the idea to try to create such a masterclass of my own but was always held back by thinking, "No, I’m not ready yet". The difficult fact is that I still feel that same "Not readiness". But having now completed 7 decades on this planet, it seemed prudent to proceed with the masterclass project, ready or not, and fortunately at this time a DVD seemed the perfect medium."
                                                 Roger Bobo

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