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Motet: Virga Jesse for Four Trombones by Anton Bruckner, transcribed by Ralph Sauer, pub. Trigram


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Ralph Sauer transcribed this a capella vocal motet for four trombones.

Virga Jesse (The branch from Jesse), is a motet by the Austrian composer Anton Bruckner. It sets the gradual Virga Jesse floruit for unaccompanied mixed choir.
This 91-bar gradual in E minor is originally written for mixed choir a cappella. In the first part on the verse Virga jesse floruit (bars 1-20) Bruckner used twice the Dresdner Amen on the word floruit (bars 7-9 and 17-19).  The last part (bars 63-91) consists of an Alleluja, for which Bruckner drew his inspiration from the Hallelujah of Händel's Messiah, on which he often improvised on organ.  The motet ends in pianissimo by the tenor voice on a pedal point.
Max Auer regards it as the most accomplished and magnificent a cappella motet of the composer.  The Bruckner biographer Howie also calls this work "one of Bruckner's finest motets".

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