Newly arrived: Stainless steel trombone and tuba mouthpieces by Ivan Giddings

Miraphone Tuba Parts

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Here are a few parts for select Miraphone instruments.  As shown in this order:

  • R210 Lacquered Thumb Ring with Nut
  • Thumb Ring Nut
  • Rotor Tension Torx Screw
  • M5050 Euphonium Piston Guide
  • R171 Rotor Center Screw
  • R135 Lever Shaft End Nut
  • Teflon Washer for Old Style Rotor Linkage
  • R201 Waterkey Spring
  • R205 Waterkey Pad
  • Leadpipe Screw
  • 1293 Leadpipe, large receiver, medium taper (1292 style) with 2 screws
  • Rotor for 86 tuba


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