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Miraphone M5050 Ambassador Euphonium


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The M5050 Ambassador model is the premier euphonium from Miraphone in Germany.  This instrument has the broad, projecting, classic sound we remember from our favorite vintage instruments, and the pitch and response we expect from a modern design.  There's hardly anything with the sound of this Miraphone.  As other classic euphonium makers have retired or been bought or sold or re-tooled, Miraphone carries the torch.  This horn exudes gravitas.

Most M5050 options are usually in stock at the Waldkraiberg factory, so if you wish to pre-order, we can often deliver in 30-ish days.  Choose from the drop-down menu above to see pricing for most options: lacquer, silver or Edition, trigger or not, case or not.

The many photos on this page show mostly the Edition finish, with and without tuning trigger.  The Miraphone case is by Jacob Winter in Germany.  It fits the horn exactly and has wheels for convenience, it looks like it absorbs impacts and suspends the instrument well.  We also offer Miraphone gig bags and euphonium cases by Marcus Bonna and SKB.

I'm loving my Miraphone M5050 euphonium.  I believe it is the best advanced professional euph on the market today.  I played a Willson for years when I was with the "President's Own," but this Miraphone Ambassador is unmatched. - E.H.


    model M5050 "Ambassador"
    bell diameter 310 mm (12,205 inch)
    pitch: 443 Hz
    number of valves 4 (3R/1L)
    water key on 1st and 3rd valve slide
    heavy weight mouthpiece receiver
    without strap ring
    with lyre holder
    stainless steel piston valves
    automatic compensating system
    bore of valve section conical 15.5-16.2 mm (0.610-0.638 inch)
    top action
    ergonomically designed 4th valve
    ergonomic handling of 4th valve (3rd valve slide closer to body)
    vented valves for pressure compensation
    protection guard with reinforcement
    material of mouthpipe: gold brass
    mouthpiece BT16
    optional main slide tuning trigger
    finish: lacquer, silver plate, or Edition silver plate with gold trim
    case: Miraphone hard case, Miraphone gig bag, or a la carte
    height 670 mm
    weight, standard model 4.70 kg / 10.36 lb
    weight with tuning trigger 4.90 kg / 10.80 lb

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