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Miraphone 187 5V Rotary BBb Tuba, Custom w/Winter Case


Item Details

This is a brand new Miraphone BBb tuba, model 187, custom built for a client.  It features the .772" large bore valve section, wide bows and bell, with five rotary valves for right hand.  The fifth rotor is tuned to flat whole-step, and the first and fifth rotors have loose slides and cord stops.  This allows fast tuning of most any note.  If you like slide pulling, this horn is satisfying to hold.  Main slide in A440.  Also included is a long fifth rotor slide for 2 whole-step tuning.  Also includes Miraphone hard case with wheels by Jakob Winter.  Mouthpiece and accessory kit are included.  This is a big tuba, it's in BBb, it has five rotors.  It's not light.

Says Miraphone: "The 187 is similar to the 186, except the taper on the body opens faster and larger, to produce a bigger, fuller and darker sound."

This 187 arrived at its home with a small blemish on the bell rim at the kranz.  The client said, "It's beautiful, but make me another so my lifer horn is blemish free for the moment."

So this one is back in stock, save $1000.


Product Name BBb tuba
Model-number model 87
Tuning B♭
Intonation 440 Hz
Number of valves 5 valves
Size 4/4 wide
Material in body brass body
Finish lacquered
Bell diameter 450 mm (17,717 inch)
Material valve section combined brass-nickel silver valve section
Lever system spiral spring system
Rod Miraphone minibal rod
Valve system rotary valves
Bore of valve section 19,6 mm (0,772 inch)
Lyre holder with lyre holder
Leadpipe material Nickel
Strap ring with strap ring
Total weight instrument 10,70 kg / 23,59 lb
Total weight in kg and lb 10,70 kg /23,59 lb

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