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Miraphone 186 Rotary BBb Tuba Custom Model

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This is a custom model of the Miraphone 186 BBb tuba with several options of interest to the veteran player.  The standard specs are the same: four quarter size body, .772" large bore, 17.7" bell, looped tuning slide, nickel garland, 40" height.

If you like to tune your tuba by using movable slides, have we got the tuba for you.  This 186 has its first slide fitted loosely with an adjustable cord stop.  It also features a trigger for the second slide operated by the left you have options.  Never be sharp on B or low E or low Db again, you can do what's necessary with four rotors and a couple of slides.

With this setup, who needs the weight and expense of five rotors?  You can do it with four.

The 186 tuba body is made from yellow brass with its leadpipe and all trim made of nickel, including the garland at the bell rim.  Choose case options from the drop-down menu.

Features lyre holder and strap rings, and its long tuning slide pitch is A440 for US bands and orchestras.  Includes TU29 mouthpiece and care kit.

Other unique features:  rotor caps have a tension adjustment screw so that never again will loose rotors plague you.  All linkages are high quality European Minibal. Clear baked epoxy lacquer finish.

Replacement parts are available from several sources in the US.

21.4 lbs.  Built September 2023.  I played it upon arrival - very nice tuba.  Controllable, in tune, stable, and the (included) TU29 mouthpiece keeps the edge off until you give more, so it's more harmonious than barky.  German lively but still contrabass big.  Centered at low volume, and plays everything.  Prokofiev Romeo & Juliet, no problem.  Clear and nimble enough for solo and quintet use with some fortitude.

Being used to movable top slides, this one doesn't disappoint.  But for E and B on a four valve tuba, a second slide trigger is nice.  A long second slide lets you settle into a B or E and feel fat and satisfied.  In practice you'll find yourself using either the top slide or the second trigger, or leaving the top slide out and getting a surprise if you need to play a raised first valve C in a pinch.  The first or second slide can be set to wherever you like and left as is. 

Tubist Tony Clements, who prefers this 4-valve tuning setup, said he tunes the instrument to the key he's playing in.  If the song has many Eb and Ab, leave the first slide out about an inch.  If the song is more about B and E, leave the first slide in and tune any sharp 1-2 notes with the second slide trigger.  (But even better would be two triggers, he said.)

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