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Miraphone 1281 Petruschka Piston F Tuba Custom Model

$11,650.00 $12,954.00

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Pictured here is a new Miraphone 1281 Petruschka piston F tuba with options of interest to the veteran player.  Built of all yellow brass with nickel trim, this one has loose 1st and 4th slides with cord stops.  That way you can tune a lot of notes as you desire, and both slides are still easily removable.

The 1281 is an F tuba you can buy sight unseen, then pick it up and play.  It's that good.  This original design is stable with a lot of projection and has no awkward low notes - the Petruschka plays well top to bottom.

1281 "Petruschka"

  • bell diameter 420 mm (16.535")
  • 443 Hz
  • 5/4
  • without lyre holder
  • without strap ring
  • piston valves
  • 5th rotary valve, long whole step
  • bore of valve section conical 19.6 - 20.4 mm (0.772 - 0.803")
  • front action
  • vented valves for pressure compensation
  • loose first and fourth slides with cord stops
  • material of mouthpipe gold brass
  • mouthpiece TU27
  • lacquered


Says Miraphone...

The F tuba 1281 “Petruschka“ is a real “multi-talent”, easily lending itself to participation in every ensemble and offering all a tuba player could hope for, even large orchestra settings. Despite its lean figure, the “Petruschka“ produces a symphonic tone quality with enormous sound-carrying potential due to the large bore size of the piston valve section. Ergonomic proportions and a total height of only 85 cm (33.4 inches) allow for easy playability. For the soloist, this model is a dream leaving no wishes unfulfilled.

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