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Martin Committee Tenor Trombone Used


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This is a used Martin Handcraft Committee model tenor trombone in very good condition.  The slide is tuned, dents removed, tarnish around the bell rim is polished out.  Includes original case.  It's ready for a gig.  Owned by a local collector who has retired, the Committee has a .481" bore and small 7" bell.  This is quite a nice player  It's about the size of a King 2B or Bach 6, but it's clearer and more brilliant than the Bach and more malleable than the King.  I don't know if these originally included a balance weight.  It's fine as is, though mute work would make one notice.  The grip is slightly different that others:  the upper brace of the hand slide is slightly lower down the cork barrel, making the grip larger.  When holding and playing it I tend to have more contact at the knuckle of the left middle finger, and less grip from the ring finger and pinky finger.  I'm used to it now after some testing of the Martin, some players may like it.  It's easy to pivot.  Nice, clear, high player.

Serial 183961, circa 1953.

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