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Marcus Bonna Tenor Trombone Case: Baby


Item Details

This is a new lightweight tenor trombone case made by Marcus Bonna in Brazil.  Constructed of a fiberglass shell with a padded exterior nylon or leather cover, the Baby is one of the smaller trombone cases available.  The Baby should fit nearly any tenor trombone, either straight Bb or with F-attachment.  The Bach 42BOF pictured above fits fine with little effort. Most popular trombones from Getzen, Edwards, Conn, Shires, Yamaha with bell up to about 8.5"+/- should fit without problems, including axial and Hagman rotors or long open wraps. 

The Baby case gently cradles the hand slide underneath the body of the trombone. This is unusual, but in all fairness, the components are side by side when you're carrying the case.  The Bags of Spain double trombone cases also do it like this, but not as well, and I fear them.  Bonna has improved on the idea, and made a small lip under which the far end of the hand slide will hook, so the slide will never touch the bell.  A large foam pad and hinged padded divider keep the components from mingling.  This adds up to a slightly more compact way to store your trombone.  The Baby case is designed to be used as hand luggage, and is not recommended for checked baggage for air or train travel. 

With some care, this Bonna case can last your entire professional career.  The cover is removable for cleaning, repair or replacement.  Two backpack straps are included, along with a double mouthpiece pouch and removable sheet music pocket.  The music pocket has Velcro loops to carry a trombone stand or music stand.  The case features top and end handles, and steel latches to align the halves during travel.

Bonna cases are available in a wide array of single and two-tone colors in nylon or leather.  Carbon fiber can be had in place of fiberglass for most Bonna cases which provides a stiffer shell.  Most custom Bonna cases are delivered in 90 days or less.

Weight: 8.8 lbs in nylon

Size: 35x11x9.5"

Shown in: purple & yellow, cationic grey, black & royal blue, black & (dark) blue, all black, and black w/red piping.

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