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Marcus Bonna Tenor Trombone Case


Item Details

This is a lightweight fiberglass case for all tenor trombones.  It is made by Marcus Bonna in Brazil.  This is one of the premier cases for trombone, and it should last you forever.  The outer cover is made of a high quality nylon, and the cover is easily removable if cleaning repair, or replacement is desired.  Leather covers are available by special order.  The fiberglass shell is padded inside and out.  The interior has a variety of movable fabric covered foam pads which attach with Velcro, so you can customize the interior to your instrument.  There is limited small accessory storage.  Nearly any trombone should fit in this Bonna case.  Straight tenor or tenor with F-attachment, up to a 9" bell.  Open wrap, closed wrap, any rotor, Axial, Hagman, Trubore all seem to fit fine.  The key is that both the hand slide and the bell section strap into opposite halves of the case.  This prevents movement and holds the sections further away from each other.  Heavy travelers might place a towel in between parts, but for daily use, no extra precautions should be necessary.

This case is slightly larger than other trombone offerings from Mr. Bonna, but it has several features of interest to the working trombonist.  A standard mute, whether straight or cup or other variety, will fit inside your horn in the case.  This adds some bell flare protection as well.  If the trombone were to shift, the horn is supported by the mute deep inside the bell throat, rather that being supported by the thin flare. The case includes an external pocket large enough to hold most sheet music.  Lastly, two external Velcro loops allow you to strap your trombone stand to the case.  I think of the player on a classical job who only needs one mute and a stand, and a little sheet music.  Since all these items go in the case, you save yourself carrying another piece of luggage.

The Bonna case includes double backpack straps.  We like the idea of keeping the case and instrument centered on your back.  It helps avoid door frames and other unnecessary impacts.  If you need to ride a bus or train, your profile remains fairly compact.  For very tight situations, maybe don't attach the trombone stand.  Fewer protrusions may allow for better stealth maneuvering through crowds.

Mr. Bonna refers to his cases as hand luggage, and that in itself is good guide for usage.  If you are traveling, these cases are best kept on your person, rather than trusting them to a Baggage Handling System.  If you'll need to travel with your trombone as checked baggage, you might consider using a tougher case for the trip.  Are there tougher cases than a Marcus Bonna?  Yes, of course, they are just much heavier.

Marcus Bonna offers some smaller trombone cases for travelers concerned about size restrictions.  These include the Super Light, the Compact, and the Screw Bell models.  Beside frequent flyers, another buyer for these smaller cases could be a trombonist who travels with a significant mute collection and a variety of stands.  If you've already got an extra bag or two with you anyway, you can choose a smaller case than this Standard model Bonna.  But if you travel light and can do all in one, this case is the best choice.  Your trombone and your body will thank you.

We usually stock these in black nylon, the most popular color.  If you seek a leather case or a special color, please contact us.  We're glad to offer a reservation for our next shipment.  We receive new Marcus Bonna cases about every 90 days.


9.9 lbs in nylon

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