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Marcus Bonna Screw Bell Horn Soft Case 1


Item Details

This is a very small and light case for screw bell horns made in Brazil by Marcus Bonna.  This case has a sturdy fiberglass tray which stiffens the back and sides of the case. The lid of the case is firm padded fabric, and slips over the edges of the tray when zipped closed.  It's about the size of the MB4 Baby case, but is lighter and less expensive.  Despite the soft material for the lid, your horn won't automatically get wrecked, just be gentle.  Marcus Bonna is a horn player himself, he understands these things.

Available in a myriad of colors in nylon or leather.  Instrument shown is a Paxman Series 4. 

An optional fiberglass bell protection cone can be ordered separately and is shown in next to last photo.  It's not included with this case.  A few people buy the cone but it's not the majority.

Includes 2 backpack straps and triple mouthpiece pouch.

Weight: 5.0 lb., 2.2 kg

Size: 21x5x8", 53x13x20 cm

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