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Marcus Bonna MB7 Screw Bell Horn Case

$560.00 $720.00

Item Details

This is a small lightweight fiberglass case for French horns with a screw bell flare. It is made by Marcus Bonna in Brazil. The MB7 has room to store a mute and a music stand (sold separately). You can also store a stop mute in lieu of the music stand.  The lid has a compartment for small item storage and a sheet music pocket is located on the back side of the case. Accessories included are double backpack straps, a single shoulder strap, a mouthpiece pouch, and an ID tag.

Weight: 7 lbs, 8 oz

Dimensions: 10x15x20"

Most double horns will fit in the standard MB7. 

The case interior has been changed recently so you don't need an XL version of the MB7 case for your Geyer model horn.  It'll fit fine in the standard case.  The photos show a Hans Hoyer G10A with a large Geyer style body.  A client had a similar horn with an exposed finger hook, so I staged this one to show how it might fit.

A compact version of the case is also available.  It's a few centimeters smaller in each dimension.  It has a slightly larger storage compartment inside, but only has room for a stop mute.  It also may not fit some instruments if the bell flare is tall.  We don't yet have a list of horns to fit in the compact case.


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