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Marcus Bonna MB5 Screw Bell Horn Case

$550.00 $880.00

Item Details

This is a lightweight fiberglass case made for screw bell French horns by Marcus Bonna in Brazil.  The fiberglass shell is surrounded by a nylon cover that is easily removed if repair or replacement is ever necessary.  The MB5 case includes backpack straps, a shoulder strap, several movable foam pads, storage pouch, a double mouthpiece pouch and ID tag. 

The case weighs 7.0 lbs and the dimensions are 23x14x8.5".

Two small interior spaces will hold your small accessories.  The lid includes storage room for two mutes.  The exterior has a small accessory pocket at the top of the lid and a sheet music pocket on the back near the strap mounting rings.

This case protects your horn with a plush interior and a snug fit for the horn body.  The body straps down to the floor of the case to prevent movement.  The bell flare slides into a padded sleeve that rests on top of the body and is pinched slightly when the case is closed.  Truly, we have feared damage from having the bell flare located there, but it never happens.  Never have we heard of such a bell injury to a horn traveling in an MB5 or similar case.  The caveat is that these cases are designed for use as hand luggage, and are not to be trusted to checked baggage or airport baggage handlers. 

This case actually comes in 3 sizes:

  • Standard:  fits nearly all double horns of normal size, Conn, Yamaha, Hoyer, Holton.  Now fits the Alexander 103, though the case is larger than it needs to be
  • Compact: This case is about 2" shorter and has a bit less storage inside.  Fits many Kruspe and Alexander style horns, maybe others.  For Alexander, see the MB5 Baby model.
  • XL: The shell is the same as the standard model, but the interior accessory compartment is smaller and the brace near the bottom to support the horn body is moved outward for larger horns.  Note:  New models a movable interior brace so you should be able to fit a variety of horns into the standard case.  Large wrap Geyer style horns like a Hoyer G10, Duerke LDx5, and Atkinson may be better in the XL

Instruments shown in the photos are a Paxman Series 4 and an Alexander 103.

As with all Bonna cases, many colors are available.  Given a bit of waiting, we're glad to offer this case in any single or two-tone color scheme that you'd like.  We receive shipments four times a year, so 30-90 days is a common wait time.

We try to stock several color combinations:

  • black nylon
  • black & blue nylon
  • black & green nylon
  • black & burgundy nylon
  • black & turquoise nylon

Other colors available include red, yellow, orange, light blue, light green, dark green, purple, grey and pink.

A leather outer cover is also available by special order.  See the drop down menu for pricing.  The leather adds less than a pound of weight.  The leather is stylish and may wear a bit longer than nylon, but you will get many years of use out of either.  The full spectrum of colors is available for leather cases.  Carbon shell is available, which saves less than a pound, but significant weight.

Compared to the MB7 case, this MB5 may be slightly more comfortable to carry as a back for some players, especially those of the petite size, due to its symmetry.  The MB7 may be more comfortable carried as a single shoulder strap case.

Weight: 7 lbs, 12 oz

Dimensions: 8x15x24"

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