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Marcus Bonna MB4 Screw Bell Horn Case


Item Details

This is a shapely and compact fiberglass case for screw bell double horn, made by Marcus Bonna in Brazil.  This diminutive case is designed for use as hand luggage by the frequent traveler.  You can special order any version you like and we'll deliver in 90 days.  Simply type your choice of colors and options in the notes box at checkout or send us an email.  Or we'll call you.

The nylon or leather case cover can be removed for cleaning, repair or replacement, making a very long lasting case.  The fiberglass shell is lightly padded and lined with soft fabric and modular padding, creating a perfect fit for your instrument.  Carbon fiber shells are available, as are two smaller Baby versions to save precious space for travel.  A triple mouthpiece pouch and two backpack straps are included.  An exterior sheet music bag attached by Velcro is standard, but the case can be made with a small pocket or no pocket.  This case has no mute or stand storage.


  • Shell in fiberglass or carbon fiber
  • Cover in nylon or leather, single or two-tone
  • MB4 Standard: 22cm x 35cm x 55cm
  • MB4 Baby 1: 20cm x 35cm x 50cm – Case for small body horns. Looks to fit Alexander 103
  • MB4 Baby 2: 20cm x 35cm x 52cm – Case for some sizes of horn. Looks to Yamaha 671
  • Pockets: Sheet music Velcro bag, sheet music zipper bag, small fixed pocket, no exterior pocket.


  • 1-6 Standard setup with exterior pocket
  • 7 Standard MB4 interior
  • 8-9 Optional small pocket or no pocket
  • 10 Baby 1 interior with Alex 103
  • 11 baby 2 interior with Yamaha 671 or similar


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