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Marcus Bonna MB2 Fixed Bell Horn Case


Item Details

This is a lightweight fiberglass case for a fixed bell double horn made by Marcus Bonna in Brazil.  The standard model MB2 case is primarily designed for a horn with the Kruspe wrap, such as a Conn 8D, Hans Hoyer 6801/7801, Yamaha and Engebert Schmid.  Larger geyer wrap horns such as the Hoyer G10, Atkinson, Lewis-Duerk LDx5 and others are slightly larger and do not fit well.  For those models, we recommend the extra large version of the MB2.  Another horn with difficult fit is the vintage N series Conn 8D which has a long receiver.  I don't know the best case choice for that one.

The heart of the case is its rigid fiberglass shell, which is coated with foam inside and out.  The interior is lined with a plush nylon fabric and has several modular foam blocks to adjust the fit to your instrument.  The nylon outside cover attaches to the shell via Velcro material, and is readily removed for cleaning, repair or repair or replacement. Closing the zippers ensures the case is reliably closed.  Accessories included are double backpack straps, a single shoulder strap, a mouthpiece pouch and an ID tag.  Replacement covers are available by special order to ensure that the case can be used for a lifetime.

The case has some small interior storage and a large external music pocket.  The pocket is attached with Velcro style material.

The standard color is black nylon.  If you'd like another color or a leather exterior, these can be had by special order.

Weight: 6 lbs, 14 oz

Dimensions: 14.5x19x23.5"


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