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Marcus Bonna 3 Trumpet Case


Item Details

This is a small and lightweight fiberglass case for 3 trumpets, made by Marcus Bonna in Brazil.

This case fits three of nearly any piston or rotary trumpet, Bb or smaller.  You can also remove a divider and carry one trumpet and one flugelhorn together without worry or hassle.  The case has small interior storage compartments and a larger pocket on the outside.  The nylon outside cover is attached to the shell with Velcro style fasteners and can be removed for cleaning, repair or replacement.  The fiberglass shell has foam attached to both its interior and exterior, and the interior is a soft plush fabric.  Several interior foam pads can be re-positioned to permit a perfect fit for your trumpets.  Metal latches align the halves, and zipper closure assures no errant openings en route.  Accessories included are double backpack straps and a single shoulder strap, a double mouthpiece pouch and an ID tag.  The standard color is black, but other colors are available by special order.  Leather exterior is available as well.  You can reserve your choice of case in the drop down menu.  We receive shipments about every 90 days.

The photos show the case in black nylon.  Inside are three Bb trumpets.  I removed the (removable) mouthpiece pouch compartment divider  in the back to allow for tuning slide clearance on the silver trumpet.  With a C trumpet or smaller in that location you can leave the divider in place.  At first I thought the divider should be glued, but it is held in place without glue by the adjacent foam pad.  I don't know exactly the use for the two small grey blocks, maybe the bottom of the pistons can rest on the blocks.

Both of the large interior dividers are removable so you can customize the interior any way you like.  I removed one and dropped in a Getzen flugelhorn like it was made to be there.  The last photo shows the case with the retractable handle and wheels option, more photos of which can be found on its own page.

Weight: 10 lbs, 6 oz

Dimensions: 14x9x22"

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