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Kanstul Vintage Replica Trombone Leadpipe


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After 38 years building the finest brass instruments, the Kanstul factory has closed.  The Kanstul family and team want to express their deep appreciation to our customers, business partners and friends for the business and incredible support they’ve received over the 38 years since Zig Kanstul founded the company.


This is a group of replacement leadpipes for trombones made by Kanstul in Anaheim, California.  They are made of yellow brass with a lacquered brass ring.  The pipes are threaded to fit Kanstul trombones, and they will also fit S.E. Shires trombones and instruments from some other makers.  The larger pipes will fit Conn Gen II trombones, but the pipes only press in instead of thread in.  Use tape around the top of the leadpipe for a tight fit.  Threaded pipes will nearly fit in Getzen trombones, but the pipe sticks out about 1/8" further than normal.  For a closer fit, unthreaded pipes are available by special order, though we usually have a few sizes of unthreaded in stock.  See the drop down menu above for availability.  Please contact us if you seek something specific.

Westside Machine has some conversion rings to allow these pipes to fit better into other horns. You can read about them here.



  • Threaded: Kanstul 1088, 1602B


  • Threaded: Kanstul 450, 1555, 1602B, 1606, Shires
  • Unthreaded:  Bach, Getzen, King, Yamaha, etc.
  • Threaded: Shires
  • Unthreaded: Bach, Getzen, King, Yamaha, etc.
  • Threaded: Kanstul 1570, 1508, 1588, 1608, 1688, Shires, Getzen , Conn 88H (SL4747) (see notes above)
  • Kanstul 1585, 1585T, 1662, 1662I, 1670, Shires, Getzen, Conn 88H (SL6262), (New) 62H (see notes above)






Specs & Vintage




Standard tenor trombone pipe, Benge/Nova style, Les Benedict's favorite, similar to Bach LT16M pipe

Little effort needed, pushes beyond edge easily, warm, foggy sub-tone at very low volumes, a bit narrower bandwidth, can be hot as a ride cymbal when needed, good bite overwhelms warmth at higher volumes, big mellow cottony soft end, compact but good projection on high end, nimble with little effort.




Williams 6 style

Big, velvety, malleable, sub-tone-ish at low volume, centered but light, big
when loud, moderate effort as you go up high and loud, chippy and thin if
pushed without nuance, open blow




Burt Herrick style, originally made for Williams 6, medium throat

Less core and warmth, compact narrower sound, good point of edge, nimble, brick-like stable and easy high end, hot and big




Burt Herrick style, originally made for Bach 16, medium throat

Little bit of delay, rounded response, some resistance, warm, broad sound, large tone, a bit louder with less brittleness, less centered high range




Jiggs Whigham style pipe for 1602, developed for Alan Kaplan





2B+ style pipe for 1602, developed for Alan Kaplan

Solid, stable, lots of projection, lively and not dull at all, lots of core,
centers well, full sound, no fuzz, moderate effort up high, some resistance at
louder volumes, more edge than volume, very nimble




King style pipe for 1602, developed for Alan Kaplan

Less center than 2B down low and soft, little effort gives good heat at\par
moderate volume, just a little push needed, light center at pp, crisp but less full, will pick up on mic well, easy to hear, easy high range
HO .500" .422" Same as H8 below, but the pipe is turned down to .500" O.D.  It's fairly thin and a little fragile.




Burt Herrick style, should fit Shires .508" in threaded version, fits King 3B, Bach LT16M, Getzen 1050, Yamaha 691in unthreaded version




Minick Commercial




Minick Legit




Minick Open Legit




Burt Herrick Commercial




George Roberts model, like Conn 70H pipe, tighter throat, fast expansion, shorter length - this pipe works well with the Kanstul GR mouthpiece, which fits in further, so the end of the shank is close to the venturi of the leadpipe.




What George used as his ultimate pipe before his retirement, Burt Herrick design, tighter but more stable than the GR pipe




Elkhart Conn 62H




Bach 50




Holton 169 style, made for Mike Suter


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