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The Jon Sass Bass Line Book by Jon Sass, pub. Bim


Item Details

Instrumentation detail: (or sousaphone, bass trombone, euphonium)
Composer: Sass, Jon
Year of composition: 2007
Level: intermediate
Genre: jazz
Publisher Editions Bim
Ref. # TU124

This book includes a selection of grooves taken from the original Sassified CD as well as other material recorded by Jon Sass. The playing tips and rhythm exercises will help to practice and understand the different aspects of low brass playing.
Content:  24 pages + CD included
Text in English, French, German
12 Grooves + 3 Bonus
CD duration: 47:59:00
Play-along duration: approx. 30:00:00
Jon Sass is known for being a creative and a true bass groove master on the tuba.  He can be heard on over 70 recordings in several different musical genres.  To diversify his vocabulary of articulations, Sass uses vocal percussion.  This is an important aspect of the playing and is usually compared to the 'slap' sound on the bass guitar.

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