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Jakob Winter Tuba Hard Case


Item Details

These cases by Jakob Winter are the standard for a form-fitted rolling tuba case.  While not ideal for flying, they are successfully used in cars, buses, trucks and trains worldwide.  If you must fly with a Winter case, additional packing inside is recommended.  It can be done.  These are smaller than MTS or SKB cases.

The "exact fit" cases have an insert to brace the tuba by the top bow so the bell isn't supporting the weight of the tuba.  This is the key to reducing tuba injuries in-transit.  The universal F case doesn't have this, but it fits any model about 38" tall like a PT10.

We have:

  • Custom Miraphone 186 BBb - exact fit
  • Custom Miraphone 187 BBb - exact fit, B-stock, got bumped on the end, it's fine
  • Custom Miraphone 1281 F - exact fit
  • Stock Wicona model for rotary F like PT10/PT12/Elektra - universal fit

Shipping these big cases is a big deal - it costs the same as shipping a tuba.  However, if you're interested, send a a note and we can offer a current quote, maybe shipped through a company that specializes in shipping bicycle boxes - similar size.

Better yet, buy a tuba and we'll put it inside.

More photos of each case available by request, please ask.

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