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Instrument Innovations Trombone Axe Handle


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Made by Mike Olsen at Westside Machine in Wisconsin, the Trombone Ax Handle redistributes the weight of your trombone from the smaller muscles of the wrist to the larger arm muscles.  It eliminates the pressure and discomfort from holding the instrument for long periods of time during practice, rehearsal, and performances.  Made of aluminum to maintain quality of sound, it does not add significant weight. It has a slimmer profile to fit in tighter spots, and is easy to install onto the lower bell brace near the bell. No technician is required. A Bondhus wrench is included.  It fits every hand size, and the "S" or "C" brace can be adjusted higher or lower according to the desires of the player.  The brace may be moved right or left as desired.  Also comes with 5 different cushions for you to choose from for your comfort. Measure the kind of horn you have and/or the diameter (using a caliper) of the lower bell brace. We offer standard clamp diameters of 420" and .383" to fit most trombones. Custom sizes are available. Fits (most) all tenor and bass trombones.


  • .383"  Fits Conn, Getzen, Edwards, Kanstul
  • .420"  Fits Bach & Shires

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