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Herco Spitballs


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I had these in 5th grade and then didn't see them again until I met Andi Keller of daCarbo trumpets.  He said, "At the end of each trade show day, I blow a Spitball through each my the demo trumpets.  At the end of the week they still look brand new inside."

What are Spitballs?  It's a little jar of round sponges in cleaning fluid that you blow through your instrument.  Place one Spitball into the receiver, use a pencil to push it past the venturi, press all the valves down, then blow!  Often you can catch it on the way out.

I do recommend first that you give your instrument a basic cleaning with a brush, then use Spitballs to keep it in fresh condition.

For euphoniums and tubas, remove the main tuning slide.

Small: trumpet and horn, smaller trombone

Large: larger trombone, euph, tuba

I use these after play testing before I clean and dry the instrument for storage.  I've never had one get stuck.  If you have... push past the venturi with a pencil or stick, blow harder, and clean your horn with a brush first.  :-)

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