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Gronitz PF125 Piston F Tuba, Custom Finish


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This is one of the premier F tubas of the world, and is custom built in a small shop in Bavaria, Germany, by Andreas Klingspor and staff.

This is a large 4 piston, 1 rotary valve F tuba that is designed in the modern style of the newer piston instruments. With a broad, velvety smooth tone and an even response throughout its range, this tuba is a useful horn for nearly anything.  The low range rivals that of much larger instruments, and the low C is perfect with a full tone.  With its even response between open and heavily valved notes, you will be free of the sort of quirks that can plague most rotary F tubas. There are no notes that fail to resonate, and the slurring is effortless. While being similar in size to the Yamaha 822 model, this Gronitz has a liveliness and character of sound that puts it ahead of the Yamaha for many players. The fifth rotor is standard tuned to flat whole step. In raw brass, lacquer or silver plate. 19-20-21mm conical bore, 16.5" bell.For 2018 all Gronitz piston tubas will feature MAW pistons by Martin Wilk, made by Meinlschmidt.

What's captivating about the Gronitz is how light they are. Made mostly from lighter gauge sheet brass, these have a liveliness of response and a velvety tone that reminds us of the other lightweight tubas out there like Rudolph Meinl, Alexander, and Adams.

This tuba can feature a small second valve slide pull stop, so you can adjust the 2+3 Ab a bit lower if necessary. This model of tuba plays well in tune throughout its range. All F tubas have pitch quirks, and this is no exception, but they are very minor. You may want to pull the first slide a bit for Bb and A in the staff, and many F tuba players on other instruments finger the A with the third valve to keep the pitch low enough. You may need to lower the Ab a bit, easily done with the second or third slide. Some players might average the third slide pull between Ab and Db.

Included: Tuba a la carte.  Case and mouthpiece are sold separately

My favorite mouthpieces for this tuba:

  • Tucci RT-64, RT-64S - good all round, supportive
  • Tucci AMH Paul - brings out the electricity and centered tone of a rotary F
  • Miraphone TU13 - centered high range, clarity down low
  • Ferguson L30F - Laskey style, good all around, beefy low range

Case options:

  • A la carte
  • Protec PL251 Platinum gig bag
  • SKB385W medium tuba hard case
  • Cronkhite (maybe) or Miraphone gig bag
  • Tuba in these gig bags fits inside the SKB390W large tuba hard case

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