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Conn Mouthpiece Shank Adapter

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These little adapter sleeves allow you to fit a smaller shank mouthpiece into a larger instrument receiver.  These are an OK inexpensive solution.  You'll get the best performance from your instrument if you have the correct mouthpiece for it.  But with mouthpieces costing what they do, if you need this setup occasionally or you're on a strict budget, there's nothing wrong with trying it and it's a great quick fix.

These are silver plated brass with a knurled ring at the top, tapered to fit snugly.  Some mouthpieces will extend slightly further out using these adapters.


Available Sizes

  • French horn to mellophone - this is a common adaptation if the player prefers to keep the French horn mouthpiece when playing mellophone.  The mellophone receiver is the same size as a trumpet receiver, so there may be other uses, including adapting to some Eb or F alto horns as well.  Your mileage may vary.
  • Tenor trombone to bass trombone - Use this if you have a large bore tenor or bass trombone but you prefer to use a small shank mouthpiece.  For example, a Bach 7C small shank into a Conn 88H large receiver.
  • Cornet to Trumpet - Allows use of a cornet mouthpiece in a piccolo trumpet with trumpet shank receiver

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