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Cerveny 652-6PX 6-Valve Rotary F Cimbasso


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This is a modern large bore interpretation of the classic valved Italian bass instrument.  For opera and chamber music a cimbasso offers a lighter sound than a tuba, and blends more with the trombones.  A contrabass valve trombone is what this is.  And it's a big one - monster movies will be well served with a Cerveny 652 in the orchestra.

The Cerveny 652 Cimbasso is usually seen with 5 rotary valves and two triggers.  This one has 6 valves, which is just a bit more better.   No triggers though.  :-/


  • 1-2-3-4 right hand - normal
  • 5 - first finger left hand - flat whole step
  • 6 second finger left hand - flat half step


Built in the Czech Replublic, this unique instrument is not easily available these days.  Though production continues at Amati/Cerveny, there is some conflict about ownership...Lidl/Stoezel or Amati.  Whose Phoenix is it?  Who do we buy from?

The Cerveny cimbasso includes a Bruno Tilz mouthpiece, hard case with wheels, and 1-year Horn Guys warranty, excluding finish.  Ships in a 16x16x48" box, which is about the size of the case.

An instrument stand is recommended since there is hardly a good way to place a cimbasso down on the floor.  I recommend the K&M cello stand or the WoodwindDesign cimbasso stand, both of which are usually in stock here.



 Key: F

 Bore18.2 mm (.717")

 Bell: 280 mm (11")

 Body: Yellow brass

 Mouthpipe: Nickel-silver

 Valves : 6 rotary valves, 4+2, nickel silver spatulas, nickel silver valve casings and all trimmings, valves manufactured by CNC lathe.

 Trim: Nickel-silver hand lapped inner and outer tuning slides, nickel-silver stays.

 Features: Minibal action, 2 adjustable hand rests, long adjustable peg, adjustable thumb ring, bell with position markers, receiver for tuba mouthpiece, 3 waterkeys, engraved valve caps and levers, lightweight construction.

 Finish: High gloss polished and lacquered.

 Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, hard case.

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