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Tuning Drone Melodies for Bass Clef composed by and pub. Brad Edwards


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Tuning Drone Melodies is a collection of music intended for use with a tuning drone (not included). Part One is for a single instrument playing with the drone while Part Two is for multiple instruments playing with the drone.  This is the Bass Clef Version - with some tenor clef - for trombone, euphonium (bass clef), bassoon, cello)
Here's what people are saying about Tuning Drone Melodies:

"Brad Edwards' new method book, "Tuning Drone Melodies", is a new and unique approach that systematically expands any serious brass player's study of intonation. Like all of his previous method books, this book is well laid out and easy to understand - and a lot of fun to play, whether with electronic drones or even other players!"
     --  Steve Lange (Second Trombone, Boston Symphony Orchestra)

"Dr. Edwards's new book, Tuning Drone Melodies, is a great way to train your ears to hear just intonation in the context of melodic playing. Your intonation will improve and that will make your music making much more convincing. I really enjoy playing these tuning drone melodies!"
     --  Sam Schlosser (Principal Trombone, San Francisco Opera, formerly:Cincinnati Symphony,
                                               Milwaukee Symphony)

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