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Simply Singing For Winds Treble Clef by Brad Edwards, pub. Brad Edwards


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You can never have too many good tunes to play! Simply Singing is nothing more than a big collection of tunes – both folk songs and original melodies. It is 114 pages long and is divided into five sections:
Building a Foundation - 30 original “Foundation Pieces,” each in a clearly defined musical
Singing Smoothly - 63 legato melodies. Some arranged as duets. Some are sequences of
short melodic ideas. Most melodies are presented in two keys.
Singing with a Bounce - 44 melodies in a detached style. Includes sets of short etudes
focusing on a particular rhythmic/metric element
Singing with Style - 12 original pieces to strengthen a sense of common musical styles:
4 waltzes, 4 marches and 4 fanfares.
Fiddling Around - 16 fiddle tunes adapted for wind instruments. Good for testing

"This book provides a wealth of melodies for musicians to use as they see fit. It is not a method book. The first sections, "Building a Foundation" is designed to be studied in sequence. The remaining sections generally progress from simple to complex but are meant more for browsing than sequential study."
     --  Brad Edwards

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