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Bon Bons - Patrick Sheridan, Summit Records


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Patrick Sheridan - tuba, Rich Ridenour - piano, with Dave Ihlendelf - piano, Dom Moio - bongos, Sam Pilafian - tuba

Includes works by:  Arban, Chopin, Da Costa, Dinicu, Edwards, Foster, Heifetz, Kreisler, LaRocca, Loesser, Nero, Ponce, Rachmaninov, Ragas, Sbarbaro, Schubert, Shields

"A tuba virtuoso? To claim such a title requires a sense of humor and a truckload of talent. Patrick Sheridan has both. Along with pianist Rich Ridenour, his partner in crime, Sheridan performs a variety of music from a wide range of sources - and almost none of it is what you would expect from a tuba.

Sheridan's superb tone and flawless technique allow him to take on rapid-fire challenges such as 'Hora Staccato' and Chopin's 'Minute' Waltz as if his tuba was a trumpet. Likewise, these talents give him the ability to play so smoothly that on Gounod's 'Ave Maria,' one would think the tuba line was a violin.

Sheridan's humor is at play throughout the album. From his interpretation of the 'Mexican Hat Dance' to the 'Fugue for Tinhorns' (without piano, but with an additional tuba and bongo drums), he is willing to push the envelope on what he can achieve with the tuba. Of particular note is 'The Hot Canary,' where he performs the canary line on tuba, making for the largest sounding canary on earth."
     --  All Music

"A musical virtuoso is an artist on a quest to explore higher musical ground. Imagine such a noble journey with a tuba strapped to your back! Such is the life of Patrick Sheridan, tuba virtuoso. Patrick's mission is to play the tuba at the level of this century's great violinists. Such a daunting task takes the courage of an explorer and a "larger than life" musical personality. His ultimate goal is to have the audience forget for a time that they are listening to a tuba."


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