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Big Boy - Gene Pokorny, Summit Records


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Gene Pokorny - tuba, Jay Friedman, Michael Mulcahy - trombones,  Charlie Vernon - bass trombone, Bradley Haag - piano, Chris Willis - tape realizations

*Reynolds - Skirmish and Dance
*Prokofiev - Visions Fugitives
*Penn - Three Essays for Solo Tuba
*Satterwhite - And What Rough Beast. . .?
*McKimm - Andante Tranquillo
*Penn - Capriccio for Tuba & Marimba (or synthesized tape)

"Gene Pokorny is a well established member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing Principal Tuba.   Pokorney says: "I attended the University of Redlands for two years; I decided to study at USC, so I could have regular Tuba lessons with Tommy Johnson ’56. He not only taught tuba at USC, but was also one of the finest players of the instrument anywhere. He set the standards high, but always made you feel like the goals were achievable. . . My first real position was playing in the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, which I did get at the conclusion of my graduation from USC in 1975. I felt very fortunate to get that position. The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was looking for a tuba player because theirs had resigned. Zubin Mehta, Music Director of the Israel Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the time, asked his tuba player in the Los Angeles Philharmonic (Roger Bobo) who he should listen to for the position that was then open in Israel. Some of us in the LA area auditioned and Mehta heard some others in various places but he happened to choose me.”
Since his graduation from USC, Pokorny has amassed an impressive resume. He worked with the Israel Philharmonic from 1975-1978, the Utah Symphony Orchestra from 1978-1983, the St. Louis Symphony from 1983-1989, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 1989-1992, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra from 1992-1993. He then returned to the Chicago Symphony orchestra in 1993 and has been performing with that group ever since. While performing with the LA Philharmonic, Pokorny also worked in the studios playing for major motion pictures like Jurassic Park. “I actually ended up subbing for Tommy Johnson on that session. He had another performance and there were two tuba parts in that movie score."
     --  Summit Records

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