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Adams TB1 Bb/F Symphonic Trombone


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The Adams TB1 is the newest piece of craftsmanship developed and fully handcrafted by the Adams Brass professionals. The instrument features an open short wrap with Open Flow rotary valve and a brass single bore slide with bass crook.  The 1-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell is made with the same precision as all other Adams Brass instruments, combining true artisanal skills with modern improved techniques. The open feel, deepness, and richness in sound, in combination with a smooth and quick hand slide action, make the TB1 ideal for both symphonic and solo performance.

The Adams Open Flow model is a distinctive trombone, not exactly like its peers nor any other.  The TB1 has minimal bracing like the Glassl alto trombone, which is to say, not much.  The main brace at the rotor and the tuning slide brace are it.  The F-loop is connected to the main tubes by two small braces but the sides of the loop don't connect.  The swoosh shaped tube keeps things more compact for dent-free opera pit and choir loft work.  it should all be strong enough if you're careful.  The two braces are large diameter nickel.

The hand slide action is perfect: smooth and silent.  The shape mimics a Bach slide.  The pictured hand slide has brass outside tubes and bass crook and cork barrels of nickel.  The thumb paddle is adjustable for your comfort. 

You might compare the Open-Flow rotor to the Greenhoe, Shires and Rotax designs.  Its larger diameter casing allows the full unconstrained bore through the rotor with a more gently curved airway.  Strategic venting prevents popping due to the ports being further away.  Several trombones can be found with the Open Flow rotor, including models from Bach and Kuhnl & Hoyer.

The Adams fiberglass case is similar in shape to a Bonna Light case.  It's not especially the lightest or tiniest, but it has lots of storage and straps and it's and useful for all sorts of travel.  This case is an asset for the player on the go.

I like the Adams trombone a lot.  Its Euro styling and comfortable grip are worthy.  Its response is slightly less constricting and stable than a Bach 42BOF, this one is warmer and malleable instead.  I would expect this from the lighter bracing and the brass cork barrels of the slide upper works.  Reverse tuning slide adds to that feel.  I have to pick one up again to be more specific.

Compared to the Bach 42BOF, the Adams costs less and includes a much more useful case.  European workmanship and style: no extra charge.  This is the higher standard.

If you'd like any custom options for your Adams trombone, they can be had by special order, including any style of hand slide construction, several bell materials, and the other rotor choices as noted above. 


  • Bell: 1-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell - 217.5 mm (8.56")
  • Bore: Tenor 13.9 mm (0.547")
  • Wrap: Open short wrap F attachment
  • Rotor: Meinlschmidt Open Flow, brass casing, bronze bushings
  • Slide: Brass silver single bore, bass bow, nickel upper works
  • Main Tuning Slide: Reverse
  • Finish: Lacquered
  • Gauge: 0.55 brass mm (0.023")
  • Case: Adams fiberglass case
  • Options: Axial Flow or Hagman rotor, gold or red brass bell, nickel slide

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