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24 Preludes for Tuba & Piano by Julius Jacobsen, Performed by Zachariah Spellman CD


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Zachariah Spellman and Karen Hutchinson collaborate to perform these 24 Preludes by Julius Jacobsen. Danish composer Jacobsen (1915-1990) is mainly known for his film music in Scandinavia. In tuba circles he is also known for his piece “Tuba Buffa”, which is a virtuosic tuba concerto.

Zachariah Spellman, the Principal Tuba of the San Francisco Opera since 1977, wished to make these relatively unknown Preludes available for the public to hear, in hopes that they will become regular repertoire for tuba players in the US. Simply numbered 1-24, these Preludes are reminiscent of the works of Alec Wilder in that some are whimsical, and others have a more serious feeling. They were composed in 1979. The music is published by Scandinavian Music Interest (SMI). This is pleasant listening for a fine tubist that highlights some remarkable contemporary music.

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