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Giddings Jon Sass Signature Tuba Mouthpiece

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Giddings tuba mouthpieces are made from stainless steel in Mississippi, USA.  Produced since 2000, the line is used by many professional players worldwide. 


  • Exceptional responsiveness, with quicker, cleaner attacks and articulation.
  • Delivering more tone and impact to the audience.
  • Superior to brass for resisting scratches, dents, and corrosion.
  • Rich, pure tone with more core,  but with a brilliant sparkle when pushed.
  • Significantly better than gold or silver plating. Never needs re-plating.
  • A huge improvement over plating for people who are allergic to silver or gold plating.
  • Satin finish is similar to silver grip
  • Polished finish is very smooth, comfortable surface similar to gold.
  • Machined from 304 surgical stainless steel
  • Years of experience working with top level musicians throughout the world


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Jon Sass





After months of collaboration, Jon and Ivan Giddings have developed a new mouthpiece which has incredible response in all registers, a very comfortable rim and cup for clarity, ease in playing large interval leaps and gives Jon easy access to his wide range of colors and articulations. The Sass model features a balanced weight in order to allow overtones to resonate freely – therefore allowing the tone to be open, clean and clear. The Jon Sass Signature model mouthpiece is designed to allow Jon to create the musical nuance he needs while performing in many different ensembles and situations. Jon's musical requirements range from jazz to contemporary to classical. He performs in a range of situations that vary from recording studio, small ensemble, large ensemble, rock and jazz bands. You name it, Jon does it, with this mouthpiece.

Jon Sass and Jo Bartmes do one of the most interesting duets you will hear: tuba and DJ, with visuals.  Check it:




"This mouthpiece is easy to play and I am free to play in which ever ensemble I'm working with at the time. A few of my tuba friends have tried it and were seriously blown away !!! Many thanks, guys!

-Jon Sass


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