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daCarbo Unica Bb Trumpet with Carbon Bell

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The future is here.  Brass instruments are historical instruments, so most innovation has been to improve them while retaining a traditional look.

daCarbo has taken a different route by employing carbon fiber for their trumpet bells.  The idea is that the carbon bell can be fabricated to transfer the player's energy more efficiently, while not absorbing the energy.  Yes, it still sounds like a metal trumpet, but with a daCarbo you are more efficient.  In addition, metal trumpets with a larger bell can feel as if they close up in the high range.  This is not true for carbon.  The Unica has a larger daCarbo bell for a darker and more flexible tone, and it's a spectacular high range trumpet.

From the maker:

The daCarbo Unica Bb trumpet is based on the bore and design of the daCarbo Vario.

  • The carbon fiber bell with the brass rim has a diameter of 128 mm (5.04''). It is detachable for maintenance.
  • The standard surface finish is glossy charcoal grey lacquer.
  • Top quality piston valves, 11.7mm  (.460") ML bore, from Musik Spiri in Switzerland.

As with the daCarbo Vario, this Unica supports a full and warm rounded tone across its entire range. Due to the surprisingly effortless response it plays very directly. The components of the Unica correspond to the most desired combination of the Vario. The components are not exchangeable.

Several finish options are available on the Unica trumpet.  The standard finish we stock is a gold tinted lacquer finish.  Others are available by special order.  See the drop down menu for pricing.  For a beautiful Swiss made trumpet, we think the pricing is very fair, and it compares favorably with the pricing of US trumpets by Bach, Yamaha, Schilke and others.  The higher  price on the Vario compared to this Unica is due to the Vario's all carbon fiber bell branch and its modular design.  With the Unica, you get nearly all of the advantages of the carbon design at a much more friendly price.  Endorsed and played by Jon Barnes of Earth, Wind, & Fire, and many others.

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