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In The Big City - Rob Frear, Crown City Brass


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In The Big City

By Rob Frear, the Big City Trumpets, James Miller, Bryan Pezzone and Scott Dunn

Featuring “Triangles: Three Sides for Six Trumpets” (BQ-112) by Nick Lane. Also includes the ITG award-winning “Moffett-Klein Phenomenon” by Michael Galib, Rychard Cooper’s “Still Water for Trumpet and Echo”, Kim Scharnberg’s enthralling “N.O. Rising” and “Sonata for Trumpet and Piano” by Theodore Holdheim. This is an extremely beautiful and interesting CD of premiere recordings.

The Big City Trumpets, conducted by Johannes Muller-Stosch, James Miller, Bryan Pezzone, Scott Dunn.

Includes works by Nick Lane, Kim Scharnberg, Theodore Holdheim, Rychard Cooper, Michael Galib

Rob Frear is a Yamaha & GR Mouthpiece Artist and plays trumpets designed by Bob Malone and mouthpieces by Gary Radtke on this recording. They are a Yamaha "Chicago" Artist Model C trumpet with a GR 67C** mouthpiece and a Yamaha "Vizzutti" Artist Model Bb trumpet with a GR 67C* mouthpiece.


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