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Method for Trumpet and Cornet Book 2 by Clifford Lillya, pub. Balquhidder


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Book 1 - Originally published in 1937.  This revision by the author was done in 1962 and published for the first time in 1997.

Book 1 is a 59-page saddle-stitched paperback containing: • eleven units with a good mix of songs and exercises, • a section of major and minor scales, • two solos for trumpet and piano, • trumpet duets, trios and quartets.
The pedagogical content is strong and the student is encouraged along a path which leads to natural and confident playing.

59 pp. BQ 047  This book is now out of print - we have one copy available.

Book 2 - The Intermediate Method, revised from the 1940 original in 1999 by Rob McGregor, Jean Moorehead Libs and Dennis Horton. An excellent follow-up to Book 1. This is also a great book to set before incoming freshmen who may think they've "been there ~ done that" but haven't and didn't.

Clifford Lillya taught the trumpet at the University of Michigan for thirty-two years and established an exceptional studio whose graduates have filled important teaching and performing posts throughout the world. He was extraordinarily gifted in the art of teaching and his publications are carefully crafted to lead the student in a positive and creative journey to trumpet mastery.

In 1995, Clifford Lillya was presented with the highest award offered by the International Trumpet Guild - the ITG Honorary Award, in recognition of a lifetime of teaching excellence.

"Clifford Lillya's Method provides a really solid foundation for beginners.  I am happy to see the inclusion of so many familiar tunes and I think it will rapidly become the book of choice for teaching first-year students."
--  Raymond Mase, The Juilliard School, Chairman of the Brass Department

"A firm foundation is established through very gradual increase in range and technique, ample rest for the young player, and best of all, music galore!"
     --  Don McComas, Associate Principal Trumpet, The Philadelphia Orchestra

64 pp.  BQ 048.

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