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Woodwind Design carbon stands are in stock

WoodWind Design Carbon Tenor Trombone Stand

$190.00 $240.00

Item Details

This amazing 530 gram (1.2 lb) carbon trombone stand has a big footprint with four legs with rubber contact points. The vertical pole that carries the trombone are in fact three poles that fit over each other. They allow an easy and secure height adjustment with adjustable friction connections. The trombone itself is supported by two synthetic rings with different diameters, lined with felt. These rings can slide up and down and can be fixed in any position on the stand, thus providing an exact fit to the bell and bore of any instrument.

The vertical pole is in fact not exactly vertical but it has slight angle. Therefore, the center of gravity of the instrument is exactly above the center of the stand which provides excellent balance and stability, despite the light weight.

For transportation, all four legs fit into each other, all legs together fitting inside the tubes that make the "vertical" pole. In this way the stand, reduced to a height of only approximately 35 cm = 13 inches fits exactly inside the instrument's bell. Exactly meaning here: without the possibility to move within the instrument, no rattling inside the case.

You will not feel the extra weight in the trombone case, but will always have your reliable trombone stand with you. No extra luggage, no extra checking in at airports.

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