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Kuhnl & Hoyer Bart Van Lier 512F Tenor Trombone


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This version of the BVL 512 tenor trombone has an open-wrap F-attachment, giving you a very versatile Bb/F tenor trombone.  This is the perfect instrument for petite players, or for those who have to play a one-trombone show book whose range is all over the place.  About the only other trombone I've seen like this is the King 3BF.  The King is reasonable but shows its dated design with string linkage and closed-wrap F.

The Bart Van Lier 512F is modern and user-friendly.  It has two curved braces for the most ergonomic grip around.  These fine German hand slides are always perfect and completely silent.  The trigger is adjustable and the rotor throw is also short and silent.  K&H quality is absolutely top of the guild.

How does it play?  About as open as the feel of a Shires .508", larger and less brittle than a 3B or LT16M, smaller, more malleable and centered than a Bach 36.  Response is feather light, tone is ethereal due to the small bell rim edge which is rolled and left unsoldered like a classic Martin.  Yes, this is like a big velvety Martin Urbie Green trombone.


  • open wrap F
  • brass bell
  • bell diameter 208 mm (8.189″)
  • bore 13,0 mm (0.512″)
  • bronze hand slide, the stock model is nickel silver slide
  • high-quality nickel silver rotary valve
  • curved grip brace on body and slide
  • multi-adjustable, comfortable trigger
  • gold lacquer
  • mouthpiece KÜHNL “Bart van Lier 8E“



  • gold brass bell, bell diameter 208 mm
  • nickel silver light weight slide
  • Included: BRONZE slide (normal weight) (shown in photos)
  • exchangeable brass lead pipe
  • exchangeable silver lead pipe
  • matte gold lacquer


  • Bam France lightweight case

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