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Kuhnl & Hoyer Bart van Lier 480/88 MK II Tenor Trombone


Item Details

This is one of a set of three trombones made for trombonist Bart van Lier by Kuhnl & Hoyer in Markt Erlbach, Germany.  The others being of .500" and .512" bore.  This dual bore model is the smallest of the three.  Its .480"-.488" hand slide is akin to a classic King 2B, leading to a centered tone, a clear high range, good malleability, and nice sound on a microphone.  It's reminiscent of the 1940's style of trombone.

Kuhnl & Hoyer is one of the premier brass instrument makers and these trombones are as beautiful as can be.  The 480 slide hand brace is curved, adding a more comfortable grip.  The hand slide action is perfectly smooth and quiet, even when clean and dry.  The bell rims are left unsoldered in the style of classic Conn and Holton designs, with homage to the classic Urbie Green model.  This bell style leads to a livelier response and lighter effort needed to manipulate the sound to your liking. The BLV trombones are sweet like that.

Finish is gold tinted lacquer.  Round balance weight is matte finish.  Optional modular BVL balance weight system.

The photos show the BVL personal model with the gold brass hand slide. It has a beautiful rose brass tint to it and is quite stunning.

Mouthpiece and lightweight case are included.

The 480/88 MK II model has several options:

  • Standard Model with 180mm bell
  • Standard Model with 195mm bell
  • Detachable Bell Model, choice of 180mm or 195mm
  • Bart van Lier Personal Model with 195mm bell, bronze hand slide, variable balance weight system
  • with Bam France fiberglass case by special order
  • with round or variable balance weight on any model


Most options of the BVL trombones can be had by special order in 30-45 days if not in stock here.

I played the recently arrived BVL 480/488MKII Personal

This is one of my very favorite trombones in the store at first blow.  This plays slightly smaller, with a narrower tone than the 500, slightly less volume. It's compact.  But there’s no more resistance than the 500 and it doesn’t get barky like a King 2B.  It’s smooth and not brittle, good for close mic work. The variable weight is closer to the center of the instrument, reducing torque on my left hand. The straight hand brace fits my thumb bend at the further distal phalange as normal. Slide action A+. - Steve F


Bart Val Lier trio.


Mr. Van Lier on the bass trumpet.  Bob Brookmeyer reincarnate?




...the K&H Bart Van Lier 500 arrived on Saturday in perfect condition as far as I can tell. I've played it quite a bit and I'm extremely happy with it. It has just enough extra width to be more comfortable, a wonderful slide, and a velvety smooth sound that brightens up nicely when pushed. I keep finding myself looking forward to playing it at the end of the day. I think that's a good sign.
I'd say this is a tremendous value. I admit that I haven't played any other new jazz horns; so I'm comparing to the near perfect condition Bach 42 that I've been playing. And I feel the quality of the sound and playability is on par. Seems a shame that they're so underrepresented here in the US. Thanks again for all your help! - GP

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