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12 Etudes for Trumpet from The Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach, trans. by John Sawyer, pub. Bim


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Composer: Bach J. S. (1685-1750)
Level: advanced
Genre: baroque
Arranger/Editor: John F. Sawyer
Publisher: The Brass Press - Ref. # TP125

"The study repertory for the orchestral trumpeter is sparse compared to that of most other orchestral instruments. Many etudes for trumpet are approached from a purely technical viewpoint and often lack in musical content.

12 Etudes for Trumpet, transcribed from J.S. Bach’s Golberg Variations, is an attempt to make a musical contribution to the technical repertory of the trumpet.

The Interpretation of Early Music by Robert Donnington, and the preface to the Goldberg Variations by Ralph Kirkpatrick may be consulted for a better understanding of performances practices in the Baroque era."
John F. Sawyer, Nashville, Tennessee, 1971

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