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Yamaha Maintenance Kits

$19.99 $24.00

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Everything you need to keep your instrument in top shape! These high-quality kits include the essential swabs, brushes, lubricants and other supplies a player will use for routine care and maintenance of their wind instrument.

The quality of lubricants in these Yamaha kits are absolutely top notch, including their synthetic valve oils and unbeatable trombone lubricant.  Choose your care kit from the drop down menu.

For trumpet, trombone, and piston or rotary low brass.  French horn not available, sorry, but I can assemble a similar kit of favorite items for you, please ask.

Kits include about 6-7 items, depending:

  • snake
  • mouthpiece brush
  • slide or valve brush
  • valve oil - Yamaha synthetic (boratverynice.jpg)
  • bearing oil - ditto
  • slide grease
  • polishing cloth
  • trombone: 1021P slide lubricant - top notch


For trombone, also buy a spray bottle and fill with distilled water.


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